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Cinema is a culture that has established an inextricable grip over the Indian junta. And Chennai is a case in point. The skyline of the city is a billboard dedicated to the film industry. Advertisements of the latest celluloid fiction churned out by the numerous film studios in the city, and larger than life cut-outs of popular, thus bankable, matinee idols are what decorate the streets of Chennai. In fact, the size of the cut-outs is considered directly proportional to the popularity of the star.

It is thus justified that there are about 32 cinema halls in the 174 sq. km. city, catering to the 6.4 million fantasy-philic haytheatre residents.

Sathyam Cinemas, a 6-screen multiplex with a seating capacity of 2,942 located in Royapettah, is cited to be the most frequented cinema hall in Chennai. Satyam boasts of being the only theater in the country whose projection systems include 2 D-dimensional projectors. Located off Chennai’s arterial Mount Road, this cinema hall is a frequented by the students of the numerous IIT colleges situated close-by. The residents and the work-force of the region are also found seeking respite at Satyam.

However the luxurious seating and the state-of-the-art audio-visual technology employed are not the only attractions of the auditorium. Programs that allow movie buffs to interact with their demi-god actors, and with those who pull the strings behind the screen, are regularly conducted. Lectures, demonstrations and film festivals for the hearing impaired are also frequently conducted, which endears Sathyam to a wide range of film connoisseurs and students pursuing cinema as a career.

Ega Theater is a pocket-friendly multiplex that is located in the buzzing commercial district of Kilpauk in the western outskirts of the city. The medical and IT educational institutions located in the suburbs of Kilpauk compete with this cinema hall to capture the fleeting interest of young minds. Comfortable seating arrangements, and commendable audio-visual quality keep the ticketing systems functioning.

Ega Theater houses Mini Ega, a theater that mimics Ega in every aspect excepting the auditorium’s dimensions. Mini Ega is where one can catch a movie that was removed from Ega to make space for the latest film released.

With 14-screens in its complex, Mayajaal Cinemas located in Kodambakkam is among the largest multiplexes in India. Mayajaal Cinemas is a part of a themed family entertainment project that includes bowling alleys, pool tables, video game arcades, delectable food stalls and shopping stores. Though the exterior design and the logo give the complex the appearance of a water-themed park, upon entering, one finds that the theater boasts of plush seating and utilizes superior audio-visual technology to give its customers an unforgettable movie experience.

INOX Chennai, situated on the 3rd floor of Chennai City Center in Mylapore, is the 13th of the 38 multiplexes across the country managed by INOX. At a modest Rs. 120, one can watch multi-lingual movies on its 4 screens with state-of-the-art projections system and acoustics transporting the viewers to worlds of fantasy, seated on stadium-style high-backed seats with cup holder armrests. INOX prides itself in being one of the most favored venues for watching movies in Chennai and boasts of maintaining commendable service standards and a flawless e-ticketing system.

Tamil films are among the few Indian language films to have a huge fan base within and without India. Tamil films are distributed to overseas theaters in Asia, Africa, North America, Australia and western Europe. If the magnanimity of the Tamil cinema audience is anything to go by, the cinema halls business in the city will prove to a mushrooming enterprise, with better technologies being incorporated to cater to the demanding audiences.

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