Sports Betting Analysis: Tampa Bay Over Philly and Denver Over Browns

Do you wonder what the sport betting smart money does differently than the amateurs? Sports gambling is half art, and half of the science. The following two game predictions are just a little of both.

First, look at this forecast to get the sports prediction at Tampa Bay game: How good would be the Eagles? Well, they lost to New Orleans, along with among the wins came against door mats San Francisco and Houston. Meanwhile, Gradkowksi has filled in well for Simms, completeing 45-75 moves. Tampa Bay was becoming increasingly better every week, losing by 27, afterward by 1 1, 2, and 3 before beating the Bengals. Carnell Williams might create this gap to the Bucs in this match just by making the Eagles defense play honest, which will give Gradkowski a little excess time in the pocket book.

Below are a few interesting stats… TB is on an 11-3 ATS run when playing their second of 2 consecutive home matches. They’ve also gone 28-15 ATS being a non-division dwelling team, and so are about a 13-2 ATS run as a home dog. Overall, it’s very tough to avoid TB getting 4 1/2 points in home against an Eagles team which was not that impressive.

Here the investigation was nearly all science. The Bucs had the historical data in their own favor. With the way Philly was playing poorly lately, picking the Bucs to your mad seemed obvious. We called the score could be 21-20, and also the actual score was 23-21. Quite awful.

Today take a look at the other game, Denver in Cleveland. This is our Pre Game investigation:

What’s this match only -4 1/2? As the game is in Cleveland? If this match were at Denver, the lineup will be -10 to -12. Cleveland stinks on crime. They may not have the ability to score more than 10 points against Ohio St. In case it was not for the Raiders, who almost beat themCleveland are the laughingstock of the NFL.

Just how bad is Cleveland? Well first of all they are only 6 14 ATS in their last 20 games against winning teams. Not merely do they lose if they’re likely to lose, they lose enormous. Denver on the other hand is 13-5 ATS against non-division opponents.

Hey, wait one minute. Why am I going through all these stats and which makes this more complicated than it really is?? Denver is a Super Bowl competition. Cleveland stinks. The high percentage play says to proceed with the much superior team that’s only laying 4 1/2 against a team that might not score in this particular game. Search for Denver to dominate the Browns offensescore only enough to help keep the match comfortably outofreach, 16-6. This game was “art” to predict. Simply put, Denver’s defense was smothering teams, and Cleveland’s crime was almost non existent.

This resulted in a simple pick which has been within one point on both the teams. We predicted 16-6, and the final has been 17-7. Who said sports betting was not difficult?

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